About Us

Save the Brain Campaign was created in 2013 by Craig Harrison, his family, and friends. At the age of 27 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a partial surgical resection of a tumor, chemotherapy, and radiation, all within 8 months. Throughout this time there were a lot of questions, not many places to turn to locally, and the local charities were not donating to research for a cure. In May of 2013, free of deficits but not tumor free, Craig decided he was going to create a local campaign that would support a local cure. He decided on calling it Save the Brain Campaign. With all treatments being completed at The Nebraska Medical Center and an employee at TNMC, his personal goal for the foundation is to support research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to find a cure.

The mission of Save the Brain Campaign is to create a greater understanding and awareness of brain tumors through the education of all those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis. By creating an outlet for family and friends to donate funds for local research,  Save the Brain Campaign will support the advancement of new treatment methods to lead to the ultimate goal of saying, “I’m cancer free.”