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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

The air we breathe and the normal compressed air used to inflate tyres contains 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gasses. On the other hand, purified nitrogen, which has been used to inflate the tyres of racing cars, aircraft and heavy commercial vehicles for some time, has only recently come to use in normal passenger cars.

However, why would you want to inflate your tyres with nitrogen compared to normal compressed air?

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Benefits

It’s no secret that tyres perform their best when they are inflated to the recommended tyre pressure for the application and cared for appropriately.

The main benefits of inflating your tyres with nitrogen include:

Increased Tyre Performance

The large reduction of other gases and water vapour found in your tyres when inflated with nitrogen results in a more consistent pressure at higher operating temperatures, which leads to better grip with the tyre.

Longer Tyre Life

With the reduction of water vapour within the tyre that is normally found in compressed air, the inside of the tyre takes longer to deteriorate, which leads to increased tyre life.

Better Fuel Economy

Your tyre pressures will remain at the correct pressure for longer, as nitrogen takes longer to leak out of tyres from normal use compared to compressed air. Having consistent tyre pressures can lead to better fuel economy in the long-term.

Simple Tyre Maintenance

With minimal pressure loss, this means less frequent tyre pressure checks are needed. However, to get the most out of your tyres, routine checks are still required.

What to consider when inflating tyres with nitrogen?

Although nitrogen assists with better tyre performance and longer tyre life, regardless of which inflation gas is used, it cannot replace regular tyre maintenance. This includes using ideal tyre pressures, wheel balancing, alignments and being regularly checked for leaks, damage and punctures to achieve maximum tyre life.

For more information and pricing about nitrogen inflation for your tyres, contact the team at your local Bob Jane T-Marts today!

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